Facebook marketingThe advertising world has changed over the last decade, and most definitely over the last century. What once was the only form of communication and advertisement has almost become (sadly) obsolete. The print was the one and only way to “get the news out there” and nowadays, we get our information with the swipe of our thumb or the click of the mouse. We live in a time of social media, which offers up to date information about our friends, foes, and most businesses and all up to the minute breaking the news. Advertisement and small business is no exception. If you are a small business owner the advertising world can be overwhelming, and using social media can be tempting, but it is important that you know what you’re getting in to. Here we have put together 5 tips for Facebook marketing.

Insight is insightful

Use the social media to your advantage. Your audience is your clientele. Facebook is your greatest alias, and your greatest enemy if you are not careful. This is where you can get to know your clients, see what it is they do, what they like, and most importantly what they think. You use the different Facebook date to see what and where your target market is.

Create Individuality

It is important to create a brand for yourself, and then create smaller ad campaigns that are different, for your different target areas. Let’s say you have a jewelry business and you want to market to the working women’s class, and the high school students getting ready for prom. You won’t market the same way to both groups. You will need two completely different identities, to speak to the different groups.


A lot of mistakes that people make when they are advertising on social media is that they want to connect their page to their company website or a product page. Now, this does sound like it would make sense, but the essential point is, a landing page is better. This will allow you to maximize your advertising. This is more about pay per click. Consider it.


Do not use a picture of your company, business, product, or service. This looks like amateur marketing and will come back to bite you in the butt. Although visual content is crucial. It will make or break your Facebook marketing. You want something eye catching.


You do not want to get in over your head and marketing on Facebook is NOT cheap. Graciously, Facebook does offer something that is within most budgets and is effective, you want to consider Optimization CPM.

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