Psychology of Sales and How to Master the Art of Selling via Email

Psychology of SalesSelling is not simply offering your products to customers and convincing them to buy. It entails the use of psychology and science in order to influence people to make a buying decision. Don’t worry. You don’t have to become a psychologist to do so. What you need is to follow some selling techniques that are psychologically effective and proven.

On the other hand, selling is not also a face-to-face interaction. Nowadays, it is done in several ways, and one of those is through email marketing. In your email marketing, you won’t just compose letters and send them to your customers. Your emails must also be personal and conversational. In other words, they should include elements that are psychologically effective.

Find Similarities

We easily become comfortable with strangers who have similarities with us. This is one social phenomenon that governs every interaction. Keep in mind that selling is also a human interaction. Therefore, make sure to find a common denominator to make your customers feel comfortable with you even through emails.

Don’t send emails to anonymous customers. Before you send any email, research about every profile in your leads. You should know your customers well. When you send an email, you can say, “As an engineer like me, you might be interested in…”, or “I noticed you live in the place where I also used to live. In that case, you might need…”, and other similar statements.

Be Generous

In social media, it is evident that generosity stimulates reciprocity. When you follow some users, they are likely to follow back. This is also true with sending emails. You will also have to be generous in order to create a reciprocal action.

In your emails, you can tell your customers that you are giving them free e-books or samples of your products. You can ship the samples or attach any digital product to your email, and tell your customer that it will surely help them. It doesn’t have to be your product. Anything that can help them will do as long as you can afford to do so.

Compliment Your Customers

If you really know your customers, you can use such information to find something which you can use to compliment them. For instance, you found out that one of your customers has received an award. Congratulate him or her for receiving such award, and express how amazed you are. Do not overdo it. As much as possible, you should be sincere as though you are complimenting a friend.


The above gestures are simple and easy to do, yet they can have a lasting effect on your customers. Your content should not only contain dead information. It should represent you, so it must be human and sincere.

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