Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Trends For 2017 And Beyond

PPC trendsIf you are a professional blogger, you have probably monetized your blog with PPC banners. PPC stands for pay-per-click. This means you can earn from this type of advertising when your site visitor clicks on the ad. Although there are also other types of advertising banners you can choose such as CPM or CPA ads, PPC still offers a much higher rate.

When it comes to PPC, Google AdSense is the most popular advertising network. Nevertheless, there are a lot more ad networks that offer high PPC rates. On the other hand, there are things you should look forward to in 2017 aside from rates. Here are the trends you should watch out for:

Video Banner

Gone are the days that banner ads are nothing but static images. Today, you may notice that there are some video ads being served randomly by your ad network. They are still sporadic. But this 2017, expect to see a lot more because more and more advertisers bid for such banner type.

Occasionally, you can see some video ads on GIF file format, but MP4 is more common. Video ads run for around 30 seconds to one minute depending on the ad. Some will automatically play. Others will show a click-to-play button. For some users, it appears to be annoying, but many users are getting used to it now.

Targeted Audience

In the past, ads were served regardless of the profiles of site visitors. Nowadays, ads are served according to who is viewing your page. For instance, one of your visitor is interested in cars, and another one on the other end is interested in food. Ads will be served based on their interest instead of the content of your page.

Some ad networks nowadays are developing a type of algorithm that can scan the search behavior of a particular user. If your visitors keep on searching about hotels, they will be served some ads about travel even if your niche doesn’t have to do with travel niches. for more information visit hamazgan

Increased Number of Character Limit for Text Ads

Text Ads will remain to be popular. In fact, a lot of advertisers have long been requesting Google to increase the character limit for text ads. Consequently, Google is looking to expand the character space they provide through Adwords.

This 2017, expect to see some PPC text ads that are much larger than ever before. This will enable advertisers to strengthen their call to action. Moreover, advertisers can easily create an ideal snippet for each of their campaign. For publishers, this could also mean increased CTR or click-through-rate.

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